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CrossFit IRON RAIL ~
Work out of the Day

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2019 Memorial Day

Cinco De Lifto 2019

DATE:  01/09/17 Monday

4 Rounds
Snatch Pull + Hang Squat Snatch + Squat Snatch
Rest 90sec

* The focus of speed should happen when the bar reaches mid to upper thigh, driving aggressively with the hips and legs. This needs to be focused on for all three movements. After the hang snatch, the bar is to be dropped to allow for a proper set-up to happen from the floor. In the warm-up build to a weight that you can do across all sets. Do not increase weight each set!

3 Rounds
x20 Burpee BJO @ 24/20
x15 Wall Balls @ 20/14

DATE:  01/10/17-Tuseday

5 Rounds
Squat Clean & Split Jerk
Rest 60sec

* Time to piece together these two movements. In warm-up build to a weight that you will be able perform across for all sets. Focus on hitting the right positions in the clean and sticking the receiving position in the jerk. 

12min Amrap
Row 1000m

With time remaining complete Amrap:
x9 T2B
x15 Deadlift @ 155/95
x21 Double unders

DATE:  01/11/17-Wednesday

6 Rounds
x4 Front Squats @ 75-85%
Rest 60sec

5 Rounds
x10 HSPU
x10 C2B Pull-ups

* We will be breaking down the kipping HSPU before the wod starts. If you are unable to perform 10-20 perfect push-ups sub to HR push-ups in the wod. Having proper strength with push-ups has great carry over and will prevent from injury.

Date: 01/12/17-Thursday

5 Rounds
x5 Deadlifts

* Warm-up to a weight that you are able to hold position and do across for all sets.

3 Rounds (not for time)
x25 Banded Glute Bridge
60sec Plank Hold
60sec Side Plank (each)

Date: 01/13/17-Friday

2 Rounds
x15 Power Snatch @ 95/65
Run 400m
x15 Thrusters @ 95/65

Then (rest as needed)

5 Rounds
Bike 1k
Rest 2mins